About us


We are a business-driven marketing efficiency company. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) – also known as Marketing Operations Management (MOM) – is our core business. It is about becoming better, faster and cheaper in marketing.

None of the MRMLOGIQ team started out as consultants. We all got to know the daily operational marketing and technology challenges from the inside, working as marketing manager, traffic manager, graphic designer or software engineer.

Besides creating marketing efficiency for our customers, we also keep innovating our own vision and methodology. Read about it in our book: Marketing Resource Management, the noble art of getting things done. Efficiently. Written by the founders of MRMLOGIQ, Romek Jansen & Frans Riemersma. Our latest models are the best practice solutions available for assessing Marketing Operations (MO:DNA), calculating the business case for optimization programs (MO:NPV) and managing marketing goals and marketing plans (Boardview.io).