Client cases

client_philipsRoyal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is a diversified Health and Well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations. MRMLOGIQ supported the design, implementation and roll out of a global Digital Asset Management solution. Main focus is replacing a burning platform and optimizing the user experience by creating an attractive and intuitive user interface.
client_pandoraPANDORA A/S is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of hand finished and modern jewelry made from genuine materials and at affordable prices. MRMLOGIQ supported the design, implementation and roll out of a global Product Content Management system. Together we created a sustainable technological infrastructure that forms the foundation for all the marketing departments worldwide to create, store, translate, retrieve and re-using product- & marketing information.
client_abnamroABN AMRO is an all-round bank serving retail, private and commercial banking clients. MRMLOGIQ performed a marketing scan for the entire organization and retrieved the business requirements for process optimization through marketing automation. We supported ABN AMRO in the vendor selection process with our vendorlist and standardised score calculation methodology. The end result is an integrated retailer portal containing brand management, asset management, web to publish of marketing material and ordering of point of sales material.
client_ikeaInter IKEA Systems B.V. is owner of the IKEA Concept and worldwide franchisor. MRMLOGIQ designed a streamlined catalogue production process and translated this process into a integrated global MRM solution. The MRM solution covered capturing production volumes, assessment of suppliers, management of marketing operational content, production monitoring, sustainability calculations and performance analysis.
client_arvatoArvato systems technologies is a global system integrator for major corporations in a large variety of industries. MRMLOGIQ performed an analysis of the marketing processes and provided a best practise design of a marketing operations model. Together with the customer we delivered a standard way of working through MRM methodology, supported by MRM technology while constantly considering the impact of change on people the organisation.
client_bouwfondsBouwfonds Ontwikkeling B.V. is a leading developer of residential areas in several European countries. Facing a challenging economic climate a new strategy was chosen to maintain the position in the market. MRMLOGIQ translated this new strategy into an operational marketing organisation. Together with the operating model we delivered the program roadmap and business case for implementation and roll-out.
client_standardbankStandard Bank is one of the three largest banks in South Africa. MRMLOGIQ created a tailor made merchandising solution enabling the central marketing organization to monitor and optimize production, ordering and distribution of marketing materials for 750 bankshops across the country.
client_cellcCell C is the third largest telecom provider of South Africa and as a market challenger known for its strong and distinctive marketing campaigns. MRMLOGIQ assisted Cell C in identification of improvement areas within the marketing organization and in designing an operating model enabling the company to work more effectively and efficiently in marketing operations. Together with the operating model we delivered the program roadmap and business case for implementation and roll-out to marketing departments involved.
client_libertyLiberty is a market leading investment and insurance provider in South Africa. MRMLOGIQ performed a marketing scan for six business units & the central marketing organization and created a new operating model including processes and roles & responsibilities enabling the organization to embed and control brand strategy in all campaign and marketing production processes across markets and sales channels. For implementation and roll-out we delivered the program roadmap and business case.

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